“Stories to touch and inspire us, celebrating the extraordinary ordinary people among us.”

StoryBlog is a collection of unique stories depicting real life or the vivid imagination of inventive writers.

Created by Caren Launus-Gamble, a professional freelance writer and passionate storyteller, it is a web space where people can find compelling stories delivering hope and inspiration in challenging times, an escape from everyday life, or simply great entertainment.

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Get inspired by the amusing and thought-provoking tales that reflect real-life experiences, such as interviews with amazing people who have achieved something special or are on a continuing journey of self-discovery. 

Discover original fiction, such as short stories, flash fiction tales or crime thrillers, and just enjoy being entertained by them.

Select any subject you want to read about from the Categories drop-down menu, click on a photo that has caught your eye in the Story Gallery or just start reading the latest posts featured. You will find unique, beautifully told stories you will love.

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StoryBlog is also a publishing platform for aspiring or established writers. 

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